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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Nov 29, 2018

*This episode of the Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast is sponsored by PTC

In this episode, we define what “real-time” means for software solutions, and the 3 key factors for digital success.

What does “real-time” mean for customers? What are the key challenges of the digital transformation? How can software providers and system integrators help customers in their digital transformation journey?


Key Takeaways:

  • Real-time solutions are mission critical regardless of whichever layer it is in. The solutions have to work; they are in the operations and control levels and they are controlling the operations. Real-time solutions bring together the product lifecycle, automation, and software realms.
  • The major problem most clients are facing is the inability to define and support digital transformation.
    • “Digital” is commonly used as a catch-all term to describe all the integration needed to address typical challenges such as efficiency and supply chain coordination.
    • For each individual problem, different technologies could be considered and implemented. However, it is difficult to select which technology to use based on technical specifications only.
    • In reality, the existing infrastructure is not adequate. For example, there may be a mismatch of technology between the various acquisitions, businesses, and divisions that a company has.
  • Solution providers can take a multi-disciplinary approach combining consulting and workflow processes to help the client define and understand the scope of work.
    • It is not easy to understand and translate business requirements into technical software requirements. Demonstrating software or business processes using a “day in the life of” approach, so that each party can understand the requirements in their own vocabulary, facilitates the alignment of business and technical requirements.
  • It is crucial to marry the business and the technology for successful digital transformation. Three factors are key:
    • The benefits of the initiative should be clearly defined, and used to create the scope of work.
    • Executive buy-in is crucial to motivate people to use digital technologies. The use of digital technologies creates a channel for people to see the value created by themselves.
    • Value must be created quickly and tracking must be consistent, so that customers do not need to wait to see value and the possibly of project abandonment is reduced.

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