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Industrial IoT Spotlight

May 17, 2019

*This episode of the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast is sponsored by PTC.


In this episode of the IIoT Spotlight Podcast, we discuss machine vision related to core components of testing and measurement systems, and importance of IoT data management platforms.


Key Takeaways:

  • The objective of connecting assets and making sense of data is to convince customers that the systems are built and work to do to the job as they are expected to do, by validating the quality of the design or the manufacturing process.
  • The best way to build a system is to have all assets with open communication standards. Communication protocols evolve – new protocols are built and existing protocols are upgraded to different versions. Sometimes, standardized protocols evolve to a stage where it is extremely difficult to communicate with other standardized protocols. In that scenario, it is necessary to reinvest in new components.
  • Manufacturers in slower moving industries can learn from faster moving industries by adapting proven technologies.
  • Successfully applying machine vision technologies depends on acquiring and saving the right set of data to solve current and future problems, regardless of the sources of the problems. The applications are very unique as the operating environments are very different and will deeply affect the final systems and processes, even if the methodologies remain the same.
  • Storing data for machine vision technologies depends on the standards in place. There are 2 main types:
    1. Existing clear standards and structure: The technologies used will only need to comply with the requirements and connect the machine vision tool to the exciting solution to ensure that the data flow works well.
    2. No clear existing standards: The goal is to move towards connecting all assets first, before doing any data work. In this case, PTC Thingworx is the best choice as it can be used as a substitute for a standard platform for connections across disparate systems. It delivers immediate value for asset management by connecting many assets without transitioning custom or separate databases and analyzing the data flow to generate insights. It also works well for system integrators and consultants as they will own the intellectual property of all apps developed on it, which can then be used for other customers.
  • Managing processes is critical to successful system deployments. From design to manufacturing, quality is key. Processes involving the operations of, and data generated at, each stage must be accessible and disseminated across the entire enterprise so that suitable actors can take action for correction and optimization.



JL Beaudoin is the VP of Platforms & Innovation at Averna. He combines product management skills and international sales experience to spearhead innovation at Averna. He is also leading the PTC ThingWorx partnership to ensure that Averna’s customers and benefit from the flexibility and value of the platform in order to reach their goals with their industry 4.0 requirements – including real-time visibility and optimized asset management at their facilities. Averna is a Test Engineering leader, delivering innovative test expertise and quality solutions for numerous clients in wide-ranging industries around the world.


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