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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Jul 4, 2018

*This episode of the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast is sponsored by the Industrial Internet Consortium

What are the only five questions you should ask to determine which communication standard to use? How should we handle the challenge of defining standards? What does the vastness and confusion of the IoT market mean for technology solution providers? 

Stan explains to us how the IIC is helping to define standards in communications by clarifying vocabulary. He also explains to us the origin of the IoT hype and how both industrial and technology companies should do to succeed in this market. 


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Stan Schneider is a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), otherwise known as smart machines. He is CEO of the leading connectivity company in the industry, Vice Chair of the largest consortium in the industry, an advisory board member at the industry's largest event, and ranked among the top 10 IIoT influencers worldwide. RTI has experience working with more than 1000 applications across Automotive, Transportation, Energy, Medical, Defense, and Industrial Control. Stan specializes in disruptive innovations caused by the combination of artificial intelligence and pervasive networking.


Contact Stan:

Twitter: @RTIStan

LinkedIn: Stan Schneider



IoT ONE is an online platform devoted to accelerating adoption of Industrial Internet solutions. We are mapping the global ecosystem of IoT vendors, use cases, case studies, and technologies. We leverage this data to help companies source technology, research competitors, and enter new markets.


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