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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Nov 8, 2018

*This episode of the Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast is sponsored by PTC

In this episode, we discuss what digital transformation means for traditional companies, the opportunity and risks it presents, and how to successfully drive it within organizations.

Our interview with Howard Heppelmann, General Manager of PTC’s Connected solutions business, aims to answer four key questions: What are the key challenges of digital transformation? What are the best practices in app development to drive digital transformation in organizations? What are the 4 technologies that will disrupt traditional businesses, and how?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Digital transformation enables companies to go from a rear-view approach to present and future real-time optimization of their businesses
  • IIoT app development no longer has to lie with the IT department, or within certain silos. Citizen developers in the business or operations can develop apps that are most closely aligned with their individual business objectives.
  • The traditional approach to app development results in individual departments hitting ceilings and failing to achieve synergy because individual departments optimize their own silos. Platforms are able to connect various apps and pool data so that the entire organization has transparent views and each department’s optimization can also benefit others.
  • The four technologies that will disrupt traditional businesses are:
    1. IoT and analytics: the convergence of IT and OT to utilize data with analytics improve productivity
    2. Augmented reality: the empowerment of workers in highly labor intensive operations to become more efficient
    3. Additive manufacturing: the disruption that breaks the design and operational constraints of traditional manufacturing approaches and cascades down the value chain
    4. Digital technology platforms: the integration of technologies and applications in one plane that allows companies to move at greater speeds
  • IIoT will transform industries, companies, and products, Traditional companies need to clearly define what digital transformation means for them and the value they bring to market or risk becoming obsolete.
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