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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Nov 2, 2018

*This episode of the Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast is sponsored by PTC

In this episode, we discuss pilot purgatory in industrial IoT deployments and how to build scalable IIoT solutions.

What is the difference between proof-of-concept (POC) and proof-of-value (POV)? What are the 6 steps to IoT deployment success? What are the 3 essential components for building a successful IoT use case?

Jeff Miller is the Vice President of Advisory Services at PTC. The Advisory Services practice delivers pragmatic, actionable, success-focused advice that leverages PTC's industry leadership in IoT technologies and business solutions.

PTC’s leading industrial innovation platform and solutions turn Industry 4.0 possibility into reality. Learn more about how to avoid pilot purgatory with the on-demand webinar, Use Cases: The Secret to Success in IIoT


Key Takeaways:

  • Proof of Concept (POC) is the proof that the technology will work technically in the existing organizational infrastructure and processes.
  • Proof of Value (POV) is the conclusion that problems have been addressed and value has been created and measured.
  • The gap between the POC and POV is the root cause of pilot purgatory scenario in which pilots fail to scale into organization-wide implementation.
  • There are 6 steps to successfully implementing IoT, and it is important that these steps are done in order:
    1. Business strategy alignment
    2. Feasibility check, both technologically and culturally
    3. Technology alignment, the POC
    4. Use case identification
    5. Roadmap building
    6. Value measurement, the POV
  • There are 3 critical components to successfully build a use case:
    1. Valuable: the problem that is solved has to be a real business problem
    2. Scalable and transferrable: technologies have to be crafted in a way that is meant to be scalable and transferrable from the beginning of the project
    3. Measurable: metrics should be agreed upon by all stakeholders and measure value created


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