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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Oct 12, 2018

Ed Kuzemchak of Software Design Solutions tells us what IoT really is and is not, and how to extract value from it. We discuss how Ed started his business on the premise of data analytics, and his view on the differences between consumer and industrial IoT from a data point of view. We also discuss where we are today in leveraging and extracting value from big data, and his 3 step process for path to product.


Ed Kuzemchak is the Founder of Software Design Solutions. Ed Kuzemchak is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of IoT and Embedded Systems Engineering at Software Design Solutions, which is an Applied Visions company.

Ed founded Software Design Solutions in 2003, focusing the company on embedded systems, machine-to-machine, and IoT software development. He led the growth of the company from inception to its acquisition by Applied Visions in 2016.
Prior to founding Software Design Solutions, Ed was Chief Software Architect for the digital signal processing (DSP) tools group at Texas Instruments and a member of Tartan Laboratories, which developed highly optimized compiler technology for embedded systems.
Ed holds an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of several patents on embedded systems software. Ed blogs on IoT topics at


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