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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Mar 13, 2018

Is distributing data just the same as distributing a book in an Amazon warehouse? Is blockchain just a buzzword or is it the solution to accelerate the adoption of IoT via data? Is simultanity really the most useful way to use data?

David challenges some intuitive assumptions we have around IoT and data, and explains how Terbine deals with these issues to record, store, and price data.


David is a self-describe serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker and ardent supporter of STEM education. He founded, co-founded and held leadership roles in tech companies with exits including two IPOs, two M&A buyouts, and two post-bubble meltdowns. He is also a trustee of the California Science Center Foundation involved in building a large new Air & Space center for the Western U.S.

Terbine is building the first large-scale digital marketplace for sensor data – things like vehicle counters, sound levels, powerline loading, carbon emissions and crop density. Terbine’s highly curated data trading/exchange system makes sensor information accessible, actionable, and trustworthy for applications across a broad range of industries. The company's initial focus is on Intelligent Transportation and Smart Cities.


IoT ONE is an online platform devoted to accelerating adoption of Industrial Internet solutions. We are mapping the global ecosystem of IoT vendors, use cases, case studies, and technologies. We leverage this data to help companies source technology, research competitors, and enter new markets.

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