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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Mar 3, 2018

Smart cities: How do cybersecurity loopholes and data marketplaces exist in harmony to create value for both the public and private sectors? Even as IoT matures and develops, is its full potential still dependent on something as basic as human trust? 

Regulations and standards: Are they necessarily a good thing for IoT adoption? How can agile start ups scale in fragmented environments? 

We discuss these two issues surrounding the future of IoT With Chirayu Wadke, Partner at SeedPlus.SeedPlus is a seed stage VC firm aiming to invest in and partner with the best and brightest to build global disruptive start-ups. SeedPlus is backed by Jungle Ventures, Cisco, Accel Partners, IFC, Fidelity, Ratan Tata, Tata Communications Limited and the Singapore Government. Learn more at

IoT ONE is an online platform devoted to accelerating adoption of Industrial Internet solutions. We are mapping the global ecosystem of IoT vendors, use cases, case studies, and technologies. We leverage this data to help companies source technology, research competitors, and enter new markets.

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