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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Mar 5, 2024

In this episode of the Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast, Kenta Yasukawa, CTO of Soracom, and Erik Walenza, CEO of IoT ONE, discuss the integration of generative AI with IoT. Kenta highlights how gen AI lowers the barrier to entry for AI and IoT solutions, enabling a broader audience to leverage machine learning without extensive data collection or model building. He outlines Soracom's platform capabilities, including secure connectivity and application integration, and its role in facilitating innovation for diverse organizations. They explore the value of IoT data in various applications and the importance of human involvement in AI decision-making. The episode emphasizes Soracom's commitment to customer-driven platform evolution and the potential of AI and IoT to revolutionize industrial connectivity.


Tune in to learn:

      Potential applications of generative AI (gen AI) in IoT

      Soracom's efforts in incorporating gen AI into its IoT platform

      Challenges and opportunities in the collaboration between humans and AI in IoT scenarios

      Use of gen AI to streamline processes and aid in logo design

      Potential value of IoT data and its incremental value to different stakeholders

      Bottom-up nature of AI solutions and its potential for driving innovation and connectivity in the industrial IoT space