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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Dec 20, 2023

Today, we have Andrea Aranguren, the CEO of Minehub, as our guest. MineHub offers advanced digital solutions that establish connections among buyers, sellers, and financiers in physical commodities supply chains. These connections operate within a digitally integrated workflow, utilizing data that is both usable and shareable, with a focus on verifiability and incorruptibility.

In this episode, we delved into the necessity for transparency in supply chains stemming from widespread disruptions, labor shortages, systemic fraud, and ESG reporting requirements. We also examined how the digitization of supply chain operations unlocked real-time visibility, highlighted risks, and improved the resilience of revenue and feedstock streams.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Who is currently driving the strongest push for the adoption of solutions that offer better visibility and management?  
  • How does Minehub tailors  the needs of users from finance to operational teams for both buyers and sellers?
  • With GPT being designed for handling messy communication, how do you see its role in enhancing communication within your solution at Minehub?

To know more about our guest, you can find Andrea Aranguren on: