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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Nov 27, 2023

In this episode, we had Tony Nicolaidis, who served as the Chief Commercial Officer of Origin AI. Origin AI utilized Wi-Fi sensing along with AI analytics to empower businesses in monitoring presence, motion, and specific events like falls using existing Wi-Fi signals. 

During our discussion, we explored how Wi-Fi signal sensing eliminates the necessity for specialized sensors, particularly in use cases like security systems and fall detection. We also delved into the potential business models for telecommunication providers when Wi-Fi signals had evolved into a valuable data source.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What enables Wi-Fi sensing technology to detect subtle actions, and what's the detection setup?
  • In what ways does Origin AI's approach support end-user privacy and bandwidth
  • How is Origin AI prepared for ongoing algorithm and data processing advancements?

You can find him on: