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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Nov 6, 2023

Today, we have David Hartmann, Founder and CEO of Helio Additive. Helio Additive has revolutionized 3D printing through the creation of simulation software tools deeply rooted in the principles of physics. These tools have had a profound impact on enhancing production efficiency in the realm of 3D printing. 

During our discussion, we delved into the intricate challenges associated with transitioning a 3D product into full-scale production. These challenges encompass a substantial engineering endeavor, multiple rounds of test runs, and a notable scrap rate. Furthermore, we explored the remarkable opportunities that lie ahead in production optimization by creating models that encapsulate the intricate interplay between machinery, materials, and design files.

Key Discussion Points:

      What factors are hindering additive manufacturing infrastructure for both large-scale and local applications?

      Who is responsible for integrating your software into the system? Is it the OEM or asset owner?

      What are the primary core features of your 3D printing and modeling technology?


You can find him on: