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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Sep 19, 2023

Our guest today is Ross Sabolcik, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Industrial and Commercial IoT Products at Silicon Labs. Silicon Labs is a renowned technology company specializing in the design and sale of semiconductors and software for manufacturers in the Internet of Things infrastructure sector. Ross boasts an impressive track record with over two decades of experience in this field and holds a Master's Degree in Computer and System Engineering, as well as BSEE from Penn State University.

In this talk, we will delve into the advancements in edge connectivity for industrial IoT devices. This will include recent breakthroughs in cross-technology compatibility and simplified programming. Additionally, we will explore the underlying value proposition of three recent and upcoming product launches, namely FG-28, GA, and Series 3. Our primary focus will be on how these innovations facilitate machine learning capabilities at the edge.

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Key Discussion Points:

- What innovations does Silicon Labs introduce to the market, and what are the prevailing industry trends?

- In what ways does Bluetooth technology change the cost of connectivity?

- The importance of security for these edge devices

If you're curious to know more about our guest, you can find him on: