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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Aug 29, 2023


In this week’s episode, Erik is joined by Jan Burian, Associate Vice President and Head of IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA. His core research coverage includes Industry 4.0, digital transformation, and IT and automation tools. At IDC, their focus lies in aiding IT experts, corporate leaders, and investors in making informed decisions regarding technology investments and business tactics.


Our conversation delves into the intricate framework of the industrial Metaverse. Discover how businesses are meticulously constructing this landscape, piece by piece, with Jan shedding light on various technologies and specific use cases. Moreover, we explore the fascinating realm of generative AI and its application in industrial contexts. Learn how it serves as an intuitive interface within the industrial Metaverse, effectively navigating the complex terrain of data saturation.


Give it a listen and enjoy the podcast!


Key Questions:

      What is industry metaverse and how does it work?

      Scaling and scalability of metaverse as digital twin of the enterprise world.

      What do you see today in terms of adoption of generative AI and solutions that are used in the industrial environment?


If you're curious to know more about our Jan Burian, you can find him on: