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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Aug 21, 2023

During this week's episode, Erik interviewed Gil Dror, the Chief Technology Officer, and Sammy Kolt, the Chief Product Officer at SmartSense. SmartSense offers a solution that empowers organizations to leverage wireless sensors, digital technology, and advanced analytics, resulting in actionable insights based on remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

Throughout the discussion, we delved into the ways IoT facilitates workflow streamlining and introduces a novel approach to data-driven decision-making. Additionally, we explored how IoT is making a significant impact on the healthcare and food services industries, where it is utilized to enhance safety measures, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain stringent quality control standards.

Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Questions:

● What solution stack does SmartSense utilize for its software and hardware?

● How do they ensure the longevity and efficiency of sensors and equipment?

● What enhancements have they implemented to enrich the user experience through their IoT solutions?

● What exciting developments can we expect in the realm of Smarter AI?


If you're curious to know more about our esteemed guests, Gil Dror and Sammy Kolt, you can find them on LinkedIn:

Gil Dror: Sammy Kolt: