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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Jul 24, 2023

This week, Erik and Darwin interviewed Paul McCarthy, Founder and CEO of Snapfix. Snapfix is the simplest maintenance platform on the planet, making maintenance easy with a streamlined system of photos and traffic lights that everyone can use. 

In this special episode of IoT One Podcast, Darwin Wang joined Erik Walenza as his co-host! Darwin is a multifaceted professional with a diverse education and career background, and previously as Head of Innovation at JLL.

In this talk, they discussed why the building management industry has been a laggard in technology adoption despite being among the largest sectors in the economy. They also explored the application of consumer app best practices for building enterprise solutions that can be used by frontline staff with little or no training. Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Questions: 

      What are the challenges of the management industry that prevents digitalization?

      What does the integration of systems for consumer apps look like today for providing solutions?

      What does localization look like for building enterprise solutions?


Know more about our co-host for today’s episode, Darwin Wang by visiting his profile: