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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Jan 9, 2023

In this episode, we spoke with Natali Tshuva, co-founder and CEO of Sternum. Sternum provides cybersecurity and data visibility throughout the product life-cycle process using embedded self-protection and monitoring solutions for resource-constrained devices.
We discussed the cybersecurity threat landscape for IoT devices and why hacking a device is significantly easier than securing a device. We also explored the potential to unlock hidden data points from device operations to provide operational visibility and insights to operators and manufacturers.
Key Questions:
  • What are emerging challenges in the current IoT cybersecurity landscape?
  • What device security capabilities are missing from traditional cybersecurity solutions?
  • What is the decision process for manufacturers and operators in assessing cybersecurity partners?
  • How can cybersecurity solutions be used to better understand device operations and user behavior?