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Industrial IoT Spotlight

Jul 15, 2022

Our guest today is Roy Dagan, CEO of SecuriThings. We explored the challenges companies face in securing IoT devices and understanding their performance. We also tapped into the increasing importance of automation and analytics for securing and tracking large fleets of devices.

SecuriThings is a platform that provides real-time security and operational efficiency to improve system availability, organizational compliance, and cyber security. SecuriThings redefines the way organizations manage and secure their IoT devices at scale.

Key Questions:

  • Where are we today in our ability to secure large and diverse fleets of devices?
  • How does securing an IoT device differ from securing a traditional IT system?
  • How can you translate device data into accurate assumptions about security threats or operating problems?
  • Is there a need for human intervention in the loop? Or can security operations be automated with sufficient training data?
  • How can better device awareness lead to improved operational performance and ROI?